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2016 New season China green tea

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2016 New season China green tea with vegetal, liquorice, mineral, metallic and nutty notes.
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Long Jing is the best known and best loved green tea among the Chinese, and this one will delight fans of delicious teas! A very high quality tea, both powerful and elegant.

This is a new-season Long Jing from an excellent plantation situated by the famous West Lake, a region where there is a very long tradition of growing tea. The success of this tea has led to it gradually spreading to other provinces, and today it is one of the most copied green teas in the whole of China.
The harvest starts around Tomb Sweeping Day (5 April) and continues for several weeks. The tea plucked in the first three days is never sold, but offered to Chinese dignitaries. The Long Jing leaf looks like a young shoot. Shaping this “Buddha’s eyelid” requires expertise: the leaves are roasted in a wok for 20 minutes using a slow, precise, regular movement. This process requires dexterity and has the purpose of killing the enzymes with heat to avoid oxidisation, but also gives it its characteristic form and aromatic profile.

François-Xavier Delmas' choice:
“Long Jing is one of the most famous teas in the world, and the best known China green tea. I love its remarkable smoothness and its burnt, nutty notes.”

- Origin: China
- Tea colour: green tea

Dry leaves:
- Appearance: a lovely delicate plucking, evenly folded
- Colour: a very luminous yellow-green
- Scents: very aromatic, rich, sweet and fresh, with vanilla, butter, white chocolate, a hint of toast, as well as fresh vegetal, fruit, mineral and nuts

Brewed leaves (infusion):
- Scents: delicate to start, yet very intense. Pronounced vegetal (cooked vegetable), nuts, peanut, a zesty accent, a floral accent (white flowers) with an underlying note of sweet vanilla and butter

- Colour: a very clear gleaming liquor with a light green colour
- Texture: thick to start, quickly combining with a very delicate astringency that coats the entire mouth, making this tea smooth with lots of presence
- Flavours: sweet and bitter
- Aromas: vegetal (cooked vegetables, asparagus, zucchini), nut aromas (cashew nuts, chestnut), a more peanut hint, a burnt accent (roast chestnut), mineral and metallic, sweet vanilla, a hint of butter (fresh butter) and a floral hint (white flowers, hyacinth, yellow flowers, broom)
- Aromatic profile and length in the mouth: smooth, delicate and very powerful. A tea with plenty of character, presence, intensity and length in the mouth. The notes succeed one another very harmoniously. The dominant notes and many subtle hints make this a lovely rich tea. The finish has fresh vegetal (stems, raw vegetables), liquorice, mineral, metallic and nutty notes


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