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2022 Tea Researcher Advent Calendar

A tour of the world’s teas in 24 days
Experience the fascinating discoveries of our tea sourcers through 24 premium and single-origin teas from the world’s finest gardens and terroirs.
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From China to the African continent via Japan, India and Korea, follow in the footsteps of our tea researchers and taste 24 of our premium and single-origin teas.

For this calendar, we have selected 24 premium and single-origin teas from the finest gardens and terroirs.

Each precious tea is protected in a miniature metal canister containing 2g to 4g of leaves, the ideal amount to prepare tea for one.

For each tea, we provide specific preparation advice, origin notes and even a few surprise facts!

To open each miniature canister, press the centreof the lid.

- Closed: 155mm*225mm*155mm
- Opened: 620mm*225mm*75mm

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