Set of Two Tea Colours

Set of 2 teas
Set of two best-selling teas: Thé du Hammam and Fleur de Geisha.


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Duo of teas with Eastern flavours.
This set unites two best-selling teas that transport us to the souks of Turkey and the blooming cherry trees of Japan: Thé du Hammam and Fleur de Geisha.

  • Thé du Hammam is a flavoured green tea inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe, with rose, date, red fruit and orange blossom.
  • Fleur de Geisha is a green tea flavoured with cherry blossom, inspired by the Japanese tradition of “hanami” – admiring the cherry trees in bloom.

The teas come in lacquered metal canisters from the ""Colours of Tea” collection, illustrated with a reference to the origins of each recipe. As a bonus, these canisters can be stacked with other canisters in the collection!

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