Essentials Set

7 pouches of single-estate and flavored teas
Set of 7 of our top single-estate and flavoured teas

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This generous set makes the perfect gift. It includes 7 Doypack pouches, each containing 100 g of our top single-estate and flavored teas.

The teas included in the gift set are:

  • Thé du Hammam: Sweet and fruity, Thé du Hammam is a green tea inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe. Its fragrance recalls orange blossoms, roses, berries, and the flesh of green dates. Equally delicious hot or iced.
  • Inspired by an ancestral recipe developed in a Tibetan monastery, Thé des Moines is a rare blend with a unique floral flavor.
  • Sprinkled with safflower petals, Thé des Lords boasts the most intense bergamot flavor of all the Earl Greys. It is delicious at any time of day.
  • Sweet, floral, Grand Yunnan Impérial is sometimes called the "mocha of teas" or "surgeon's tea" for its pronounced character and subtle flavor. A wonderful morning tea with a honeyed flavor that reinvigorates without overstimulating.
  • Organic Big Ben: this typically British breakfast tea is high in caffeine, gentle and invigorating, the fruit of a lovely combination of Yunnan and Assam teas. It is delicious with a dash of milk!
  • Japanese Sencha Superior represents 80% of tea production in Japan, and is the most widely consumed tea in the country. Lively and full, it is particularly appreciated for its refreshing aroma and vegetal notes.
  • Delicately flavoured with citrus and ginger, Organic Vive le thé ! is the perfect green tea to induce a good mood and joie de vivre! With pieces of orange, it is delicious served hot or iced.

Green magnetised gift box.

What's in this box?

  • Thé du Hammam
    Flavoured green tea - Fruity & floral

    Inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe, this sweet and fruity green tea evokes green dates, orange blossoms, roses, and berries.

  • Thé des Moines
    Flavoured green and black teas - Floral

    Inspired by an age-old recipe developed in a Tibetan monastery, this blend of black and green tea has a unique floral flavour.

  • Thé des Lords
    Flavoured black tea - Citrus

    A quintessential English tea with a sprinkle of safflower petals. This highly distinguished "Lord" is our Earl Grey with the most pronounced bergamot flavour.

  • Grand Yunnan Impérial
    Black tea from Yunnan, China

    Mellow and floral, with just a hint of astringency, this delicious breakfast tea with a honeyed flavour, will wake you up without overstimulating.

  • Big Ben BIO
    Blend of black teas

    A very good blend of Yunnan and Assam. Both mild and invigorating, round and spicy, it is a successful blend of the main characteristics of both teas

  • Sencha Supérieur
    Japanese green tea

    This invigorating green tea is one of the most popular in Japan, where people love its grassy notes and refreshing fragrance.

  • Vive le thé !
    Flavoured green tea - Citrus & spices

    This citrus bouquet, delicately flavoured with ginger, celebrates a sunny disposition and zest for life.

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