Collection "One tea, One journey"

4 exceptional teas to taste
In this selection of four exceptional teas at a reasonable price, enjoy a unique experience in the heart of the most beautiful plantations around the world.
This collection is available for €40 instead of €54,90.
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This collection of 4 exceptional teas is composed of :

- 100g of Milky Oolong: this gourmet oolong from Thailand is a delight with its buttery, vanilla and fresh floral notes.

- 100g of Organic Pu Erh Bai Yun Shan: a Pu Erh with earthy, complex notes wich evokes cellars, with their earth floors, and very damp wood.

- 100g of Darjeeling Margaret's Hope: this tea from the Himalayan highlands features dark and fruity notes, and full of character, it stimulates without overexciting.

- 100g of New Vithanakande F.B.O.P.F.E.X.S: extremely delicate with true depth of flavour, this black tea is one of the best Sri Lankan low-grown varieties.

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