DETOX Essentials gift set

3 organic recipes designed for your well-being
A gift set of 3 tins to make the most of the DETOX collection.
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Discover the benefits of the DETOX collection with this gift set, which combines three essential recipes. Whether infused hot or prepared iced, each Organic Detox is a welcome break which will reinvigorate your senses. The gift set contains:

- One metal tin of Organic Scandinavian DETOX (100 g): this delicious infusion combines the detox benefits of birch with the antioxidant qualities of Scandinavian berries to create a protective effect for the body. A gourmet and fruity blend.

- One metal tin of Organic South Africa DETOX (100 g): enjoy a draining recipe which gives pride of place to three typical plants from the region — rooibos, honeybush and moringa — and its African mango notes give it a gourmet touch.

- One metal tin of Organic Brazilian DETOX (100 g): enter the heart of the Amazon rainforest with this energising recipe. It combines the detox and invigorating qualities of green tea, mate, açai and guarana, with the sour indulgence of passion fruit.

A box of S filters is included for free in this gift set.

All of the teas are provided in a stylish gift box made from recyclable materials.

What's in this box?

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    Organic Scandinavian DETOX
    Herbal tea caffeine-free - natural defenses

    A delicious organic herbal tea with Birch, sea buckthorn, cranberry & bilberry.

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    Organic South African DETOX
    Flavoured Rooibos - draining

    A delicious organic blend of rooibos, honeybush, and moringa with the sweet flavours of African mango.

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    Organic Brazilian Detox
    Flavoured green tea - Energy

    A delicious organic blend combining green tea, mate, açai, guarana & passion fruit.

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