Le Thé Enchanté gift set

This gift set includes Christmas limited editions, accessories and sweet treats
Discover our Christmas limited editions in this "Thé Enchanté" gift set. Combine passion for tea with love of good food.
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Share in the Christmas spirit with the Thé Enchanté gift set, which combines our limited edition teas with sweet treats and three accessories to get the most out of tea. It contains:

- One metal tin of Thé Enchanté (100 g): this blend of green and black tea takes you on a journey to a glittering winter forest. You'll love the red berry and chocolate notes.

- Almond tuiles (70 g): designed and created by Maison Drans, a family biscuit company that was founded in 1916, these almond tuiles are a taste sensation, offering soothing gourmet flavours.

- 18 small spice calissons made of hazelnuts, candied melon and citrus fruits.

- A porcelain infuser mug (44 cl): infuse and taste your favourite teas and infusions using its large stainless steel filter.

- Box of S filters and a measuring spoon: two useful accessories which make brewing tea easy.

What's in this box?

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    Le Thé Enchanté
    Christmas Limited Edition

    the 2021 limited edition based on green and black teas, red fruit and chocolate.

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    Almond Biscuits
    A Christmas gourmet recipe - Maison Drans

    A classic and timeless festive recipe.

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    Small hazelnuts calissons
    Box of 18 small hazelnut calissons

    18 small spice calissons made of hazelnuts, candied melon and citrus fruits.

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    Christmas mug
    Porcelain mug

    The Christmas mug is an accessory in porcelain with the wonderful design of Christmas 2020.

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    Magnetic Measuring Spoon
    Magnetic clear plastic spoon

    A practical and essential tea accessory.

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    S tea filters
    Box of 100 S tea filters

    Made for mugs and small tea pots (2 cups), they can contain until 5gr of tea.

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