Earl Grey gift set

Blue of London, Green of London and Lords Tea
Three loose leaf Earl Grey teas introduce you to our essential blends with notes of bergamot.

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Discover the subtle taste of Earl Grey tea with three of our unmissable and fragrant bergamot blends: Blue of London, Green of London and Lords Tea.

 Earl Grey is a fragrant tea that is widely-enjoyed in Great Britain where it has been popular since it was first created in the 19th century.We owe this tea to Charles Grey, Earl of Fallodon and Minister of Foreign Affairs for Great Britain, who was given a recipe by a Chinese man that used bergamot to give tea a unique taste.

What's in this box?

Blue of London (100g, loose): a black Yunnan tea rightly associated with the freshness of bergamot.

Green of London (100g, loose): a Chinese green tea that works beautifully with the zesty fragrance of bergamot.

Lords Tea (100g, loose) : a citrusy black tea; this tea has the strongest notes of bergamot of all our Earl Grey teas.
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