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Essentials Origin Set

7 pouches of single-estate teas
Set of 7 pouches, each containing 100 g of our top single-estate teas.

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This generous set includes 7 doypack pouches, each containing 100 g of our top single-estate teas:

Genmaicha Yama: a traditional Japanese tea that blends Bancha green tea with roasted brown rice.

Long Jing: one of the best reputations among Chinese teas, with its roast chestnut notes.

Pu Erh Impérial: a dark tea with powerful scent. It is also know as a tea that helps digestion.

Organic Big Ben: a blend of Yunnan and Assam black teas. Both mild and invigorating, round and spicy, it's a perfect morning tea.

Grand Yunnan Impérial: a black tea from China. The character and subtle quality of this floral, sweet tea have earned it the name “the mocha of teas”, because it awakens without over stimulating.

Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope: dark, fruity, and full of character, it stimulates without overexciting.

Sencha Ariake: both smooth and stimulating, it is ideal in the morning and recommended to aid concentration.

What's in this box?

  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope F.T.G.F.O.P Second Flush
    Black tea from Darjeeling, India

    This tea from the Himalayan highlands features dark and fruity notes. A second flush with plenty of character

  • Organic Big Ben
    Blend of black teas

    It’s time for breakfast with this smooth yet invigorating blend, a mellow and spicy combination of Yunnan and Assam teas

  • Genmaicha Yama
    Japanese green tea

    A surprising blend of Bancha green tea and toasted rice, this Japanese variety is unique with its roasted grains and characteristic flavour

  • Grand Yunnan Impérial
    Black tea from Yunnan, China

    Mellow and floral, with just a hint of astringency, this delicious breakfast tea with a honeyed flavour, will wake you up without overstimulating

  • Long Jing
    Green tea from Zhejiang, China

    Breathe in the chestnut scent of this green tea, the best known and most popular in China, and imagine yourself on a stroll through the woods

  • Pu Erh Impérial
    Cooked Pu Erh tea from Yunnan, China

    Widely renowned in China for its many benefits, this dark tea with a strong scent of damp earth is the perfect digestive aid after a rich meal

  • Sencha Ariake
    Japanese green tea

    This Japanese green tea is sweet yet invigorating, with a grassy and slightly salty flavour. A perfect gentle introduction to the joys of Sencha teas

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