Festive Checks Washi box

Tea storage canister - several sizes
Tea storage canister covered in traditional Japanese paper made from the paper mulberry plant.
Checks are known as Ichimatsu in Japan, after the actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu, who often wore costumes decorated with this motif.

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To mark the holiday season, Palais des Thés’ ever-popular washi canisters come in special festive finishes.

Five gold-accented designs make up the collection : Night Waves, Festive Checks, Golden Scales, Winter Plum, Frosted Waves.

These washi canisters celebrate Japanese artisanal craftsand are hand-covered with traditional mulberry paper.

They feature a double lid to keep tea in perfect condition.
The washi canisters come in two sizes: 100g and 150g (approximately).

Boxes’ sizes:
100g = 12.4x6.5cm
150g = 15.3x7.5cm

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