Festive teas gift set

This gift set combines Black tea N°25 with Green tea N°31
This gift set brings together two festive gourmet teas to create the perfect gift: Black tea N°25 and Green tea N°31.
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To add a soft touch to this festive season, choose the Thés des Fêtes gift set to delight fans of both green tea and black tea. It contains the 2 teas below:

- One metal tin of Black tea N°25 (100 g): with this gourmet blend of citrus, rose, almond and spices, you'll love the sharp and zesty notes of this delicious, festive and soothing tea.

- One metal tin of Green tea N°31 (90 g): this tea combines the delicacy of Chinese green tea with the energy and freshness of rose and grapes, and adds a floral, fruity touch to your meals.

This festive gift set makes for the perfect Christmas gift.

What's in this box?

  • Black Tea n°25
    Flavoured black tea, gourmet and spicy

    Black Tea n°25 is a beautiful black tea from Sri Lanka with notes of citrus, rose, almond and spices

  • Green Tea n°31
    Floral and fruity New Year green tea

    Blending notes of sweet rose and fresh grape, Thé N°31 is a delicious way to celebrate.

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