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Festive Teas Gift Set

Assortment of 54 teas and infusions bags for Christmas
It contains an assortment of 5 Christmas teas and 4 flavoured teas, including the Christmas limited edition.
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This Festive Teas Gift Set contains 6 tea bags of each of the following teas :

Le Thé Féerique: the Christmas limited edition with gourmet notes of almond and roasted rice..

Black Tea n°25: the essential Christmas black tea.

Green Tea n°25: the most refreshing Christmas green tea.

Infusion n°25: the Christmas delectable infusion.

Green Tea n°31 : a delicious way to celebrate!

Rooibos n°25: the most surprising Christmas tea.

Hammam Tea: one of the most popular teas at Palais des Thés.

Tahitian Rooibos: a remarkable combination of vanilla and almond.

Lords Tea: a truly classic English tea.

This gift set contains 54 of 2 g whole leaf tea bags, being 108g.

Hand-sewn from natural cotton, our muslin tea bags contain no staples, plastic or metal ring.

What's in this box?

  • Le Thé Féerique
    Christmas Limited Edition

    the 2022 limited edition based on green tea, almond and roasted rice.

  • Black Tea n°25
    Flavoured black tea, gourmet and spicy

    Black Tea n°25 is a beautiful black tea from Sri Lanka with notes of citrus, rose, almond and spices

  • Green Tea n°25
    Green tea with citrus and spices

    Green Tea n°25 is a beautiful green tea from China with notes of orange, cardamom, almond and rose petals.

  • Infusion n°25
    Gourmet infusion

    Christmas infusion made with fruits and plants.

  • Rooibos n°25
    Flavoured rooibos, gourmet and spicy

    Rooibos n°25 is a beautiful South African Rooibos with notes of citrus, rose, almond and spices

  • Green Tea n°31
    Floral and fruity New Year green tea

    Blending notes of sweet rose and fresh grape, Thé N°31 is a delicious way to celebrate.

  • Hammam Tea
    Flavoured green tea - Fruity & floral

    Inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe, this sweet and fruity green tea evokes green dates, orange blossoms, roses, and berries

  • Tahitian Rooibos
    Flavoured rooibos - Gourmet

    Be swept away to a tropical island with this warm and indulgent rooibos, featuring flavours of vanilla and almond.

  • Lords Tea
    Flavoured black tea - Citrus

    A quintessential English tea with a sprinkle of safflower petals. This highly distinguished "Lord" is our Earl Grey with the most pronounced bergamot flavour.

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