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Flavoured Blends gift set

Flavoured tea and Christmas treats gift set
This marvellous Christmas gift set reveals two of our finest flavoured creations alongside two delicious sweet treats!
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It's time to treat yourself with this Flavoured Teas gift set, combining two iconic teas with two irresistible sweet treats. It contains:

- One metal tin of Thé des Étoiles (120 g): Inspired by the magic of a starry night, this delicious original creation combining green tea with the gourmet notes of sweet chestnuts and tonka beans is a guaranteed delight.

- One metal tin of Chaï Impérial (100 g): this irresistible blend of black tea and precious spices such as cardamom, cinnamon or pink peppercorn is based on Indian tradition.

- Chocolate and orange shortbread biscuits (170 g): these delicious chocolate and orange biscuits are made in Edinburgh using a traditional Scottish recipe, and are a guaranteed delight thanks to their inviting fresh butter taste.

- Honey and almond nougat (100 g): this essential festive sweet is made from organic produce.

This gift set comes with a free box of S filters.

This Christmas gift set is the perfect gift for foodies!

What's in this box?

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    Thé des Etoiles
    Flavoured black tea

    A delicious original creation combining green tea with the warm, gourmet notes of sweet chestnut and tonka beans.

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    Chaï Impérial
    Flavoured black tea - Spicy

    Experience French refinement with an Indian influence in this chai, with its characteristic blend of fragrant spices such as cardamom, ginger, and pink pepper.

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    Shortbreads with Chocolate & Orange
    Flavoured biscuits

    Delicious biscuits with chocolate and orange contain the finest ingredients and have a wonderful flavour of fresh butter.

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    Organic Honey and almond nougats
    Honey and almond small nougats

    The bag contains small nougats– it is small and practical, easy to carry for a tasty snack.

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    Pack of 100 S Tea Filters
    Box of 100 S tea filters

    Box of 100 S Disposable tea filters for small teapots.

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