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Flavoured Blends gift set

Flavoured tea and Christmas treats gift set
This marvellous Christmas gift set reveals two of our finest flavoured creations alongside two delicious sweet treats!

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It's time to treat yourself with this Flavoured Teas gift set, combining two iconic teas with two irresistible sweet treats. The perfect holiday gift to discover two of our most beautiful flavored blends with sweet treats. Ideal for flavored tea lovers and food lovers!

It contains:

- One metal tin of Tea of wonders (100 g): Green tea with sweet notes of caramelized almonds and pistachio bursting with flavours and emotions.

- One metal tin of Tibetan monks tea (100 g): Inspired by an age-old recipe developed in a Tibetan monastery, a blend of black and green teas with a unique floral flavour.

- Chocolate and orange shortbread biscuits (170 g): A gourmet chocolate orange blend, a pure butter recipe, a Scottish traditional know-how. These shortbreads are a real delight with holiday season flavours!

- Small hazelnut calissons:  (110 g): Traditional recipe made in Provence, these small hazelnut calissons made from candied melons and citrus are prepared with the best ingredients and without food coloring.

This gift set comes with a free box of S filters that are adapted to mugs and small teapots (2 teacups) and can contain up to 5 g of tea.

What's in this box?

  • Le Thé Merveilleux
    2019 Holiday Limited Edition

    Green tea with gourmet notes of caramelized almonds and pistachio.

  • Tibetan Monks Tea
    Flavoured green and black teas - Floral

    Inspired by an age-old recipe developed in a Tibetan monastery, this blend of black and green tea has a unique floral flavour.

  • Shortbreads with Chocolate and Orange
    Flavoured biscuits

    Delicious biscuits with chocolate and orange contain the finest ingredients and have a wonderful flavour of fresh butter.

  • Small hazelnut calissons
    Flavoured biscuits

    The bag contains small calissons – it is small and practical, easy to carry for a tasty snack.

  • Pack of 100 S Tea Filters
    Box of 100 S tea filters

    Box of 100 S Disposable tea filters for small teapots.

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