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Genmaicha Premium Shincha

2020 New Season Japan green tea
A sweet green tea, perfectly balanced with its hints of toasted grain and its fresh, grassy notes.
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  • Infusion Time 2'

  • Quantity 6g / 30cl

  • Temperature of infusion 70°C - 160°F

  • Time of the day All day long


In Japan, the Ichibancha (“first harvest”) period is the most prized for green teas, and it holds additional symbolic value, like everything associated with the renewal of the seasons in this country. Genmaicha is a blend of green tea, puffed and toasted brown rice, which is regularly consumed in Japan at mealtimes. This tea comes from the Makinohara plateau, Asahina. It is produced from the Yabukita cultivar by Mr Masuda.

Legend tells of the fortuitous invention: in the 15th century on the island of Honshu, a samurai was drinking a bowl of tea while drawing up a battle plan with his troops. His servant, Genmai, unfortunately let a few grains of rice fall into his master’s bowl. The latter, furious over this mistake, cut off the poor man’s head. He still drank the tea, however, and found it delicious: the aromas of rice and tea formed a very harmonious drink. In memory and honour of his dead servant, the samurai demanded to be served a bowl of tea with rice every day, and named it Genmaicha.

A less colourful explanation of the origins of Genmaicha is that for people living in provinces far from tea producing regions, blending cereals with tea leaves was a clever way of making them go further. However, it was invented, the tea is consumed right across Japan today.

A sweet green tea, perfectly balanced with its hints of toasted grain and its fresh, grassy notes. The highest quality of Genmaicha.

The Choice of Francois-Xavier Delmas

Tea sommelier Expert and Founder of Palais Des Thés

Genmaicha is one of Japan's most enjoyable teas. If you haven't yet tried it, don't delay! If you had already heard of it, try this exceptionally high-quality tea!

Special qualities

  • Origin:
  • Shizuoka, Japan
  • Tea colour:
  • green tea

Suggestion of preparation

To prepare hot tea :

With the tasting set: 2'30 minutes in water heated to 70°C

With the Kyusu / Shiboridashi by successive infusions of 1 minute.

To prepare iced tea:

Steep 15g per 1L water and infuse at room temperature for 30 minutes. When the infusion is ready, place the liquor in the fridge to cool.

Grands Crus: savour the exceptional

Rare and ephemeral, teas identified as Grands Crus by Palais des Thés are the result of alchemy between a tea plant variety, its terroir and the talent of an artisan grower. Meticulously plucked, processed and sourced in the most respected tea gardens, our Grands Crus unveil unique flavours that reflect the refinement of their origins.

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