Gong Fu Cha Dong Ding Teapot

Clay teapot
Traditional clay teapot
13 cl
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  • Height 6 cm

  • Diameter 7 cm

  • Material Clay

  • Capacity 13 cl


The teapot for Chinese tradition of tea drinking, Gong Fu Cha, which has been adopted in Taiwan for several decades now.

The teas drunk there are of an exceptional quality, most often they are Wu Long with very delicate aromas and long lasting flavours. Tea prepared in this way is much stronger than ordinary tea; it should be savoured like a liquor and taken in very small quantities.Extremely delicate, this tiny teapot is made from an exceptional quality of Yi Xing clay, smooth-grained and silky. Rubbing the lid against the sides of the teapot makes it sing. 
Tea filter is situated in the spout.

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