Hammam Tea double indulgence

Hammam Tea and tea jam
Treat yourself to this dual set that puts the spotlight on the fruity notes of the Thé du Hammam.
This kit is available for €18 instead of €21.40.
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1 x Hammam Tea   + €0.00 €11.90 / 100g
1 x Cherry & Hammam Tea jam   + €0.00

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Indulge yourself with this dual set that gives pride of place to the fruity notes of Thé du Hammam. It contains:

- Hammam Tea (100g metal tin) :Gourmet and fruity, Thé du Hammam is a green tea inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe. Its fragrance calls to mind the flesh of green dates, orange blossom, rose and red fruits.

- Jam (200 g) : hand-made in France and designed in partnership with Chambre aux Confitures, this jam blends the floral and fruity notes of our iconic Hammam Tea with the sweet and sour flavours of cherries.

Trade secret: This jam is made from the highest quality fruit, harvested when ripe, and reveals delicious flavours.

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