Huan Teapot

Chinese clay teapot
Clay teapot
1.2 L
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  • Height 15 cm

  • Material Terracotta

  • Capacity 1.2 L


Created especially for Palais des Thés, the HUAN teapot have been made by the highly skilled Yi Xing potters. It follows the tradition of ancestral skills handed down and perfected over generations in China.
The Huan teapot has generous, clean lines and beautiful curves. A harmonious balance between Yi Xing clay and coppery metal. Its density and its smooth and silky grain give it a unique character. Yi Xing clay, commonly known as purple clay, has many qualities that mean it is prized for making teapots.
Its porosity is excellent for the oxygenation of the tea, and allows the aromas to be expressed more fully than in any other recipient. It also conducts heat less quickly than other clays, meaning the teapot is less likely to burn your hands, and won’t crack when heated from cold.
To benefit from these qualities, it is recommended that you infuse just one type of tea in each teapot, and rinse it with clean water. HUAN matching cups (enamelled and non enamelled) and pot are available.
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