Iced Tea Carafe 1,15L

A carafe with a modern design and a capacity of 1.15L
Prepare your favorite iced teas with ease with this elegant glass and stainless steel carafe.

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  • Material Glass


This stylish and practical carafe with a modern design is ideal for preparing and serving all kinds of iced infusions and teas. It consists of a carafe in borosilicate glass, a filter, and a stainless steelspout with stopper. With its 1.15L capacity, it fits into the door of most refrigerators.


1. Remove the stopper and filter, leaving the spout in place.
2. Fill the filter with the recommended quantity of tea leaves or dried infusion.
3. Place the filter in the carafe.
4. Pour in water at room temperature.
5. Place the stopper on the carafe.
6. Leave to steep for the recommended time.
7. Remove the filter and empty it.
8. Replace the stopper and put the carafe in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.

There is no need to remove the stopper to serve: it allows the tea to be poured elegantly.

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