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Iced Teas Gift Set

4 iced tea recipes
An ideal gift for the warm season, with a free box of large paper filters for brewing teas.
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This set gift contains the four iced tea recipes, in loose-leaf format. A total of 400g of tea, the equivalentof about 25L of iced tea!

- Exotic Party, white tea and exotic fruits.
Exotic fruit as pineapple set the tone for this delicious recipe. The notes of juicy mango and fresh grapefruit round off this tropical blend with a bouquet of colorful bloom.

- Sweet Sorbet, green tea, mango and pineapple.
Refined dessert, the sorbet is sweet and light. It melts in the mouth revealing its delicate fruity notes. An icy delight all summer long.

- Organic Summer Fizz, green tea, lime and ginger.
An original and exclusive creation, inspired by cocktails and mixology. A tonic green tea associating the refreshing notes of green tea and ginger with spicy warm notes.

- Organic Juicy Sunrise, Mate, orange zest and apple.
An organic and intensely thirst-quenching blend of mate, orange zest and apple. This new iced tea is like a sun-drenched orange.

A free box of large paper filters for brewing teas!

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