Oriental Garden

Delectable herbal tea caffeine-free
Dates, coconut, and spices merge into the perfect herbal blend for a warm, exotic evening.
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  • Infusion Time 5'

  • Quantity 30g / 1L

  • Temperature of infusion 90°C - 195°F

  • Time of the day Evening


A delicious herbal tea of fruits and plants, Oriental garden / "Jardin oriental" blends dates, spices, and coconut, calling to mind warmer climes.

It is absolutely caffeine-free and delicious either hot or iced.

This infusion is made up of 6 different fruits & plants!

Fruits packed with sweetness: Dates, Currants, Coconut

Plants and flowers that create a delicious fresh, acidic sensation: Cassia, Cardamom, Ginger

For these infusions we drew on our expertise and creativity developed over nearly 30 years through our work on flavoured teas.
Les Jardins are high-quality infusions with healthy, delicious flavours made from a complex combination of fruits, flowers and aromatic plants with many virtues. Each infusion evokes a particular garden.

Our recipe for 1 litre of iced infusion:
Infuse 30 g (or 4 tbsp) of Jardin oriental in 1l of water at room temperature for 1 hour. When the infusion is ready, place the liquor in the fridge to cool.

Suggestion of preparation

To prepare latte infusion:

Steep 8g in a mixture of 25cl of water at 90°C and 25cl of hot milk for 5min.

Find out more about the latte preparation.

Tea and dishes message

Pairs perfectly with marzipan.


Lait épicé au Jardin Oriental

Lait épicé au Jardin Oriental

1 verre

Temps d'infusion : 2 minutes

Voir le cocktail

Tea ingredients

dates (dates, rice flour) (35%), currant, ginger, coconut (10%), cinnamon (10%), cardamom (10%), anti-caking agent: vegetable oil
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