Kabuse Cha Midori

Green tea from Japan
A smooth shaded tea with an intense umami taste.
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  • Infusion Time 2'30

  • Quantity 6g / 30cl

  • Temperature of infusion 60°C - 140°F

  • Time of the day All day long, Morning


Kabuse Cha Midori is a "shaded tea". Its name, Kabuse means "to cover over", which refers to the canvas material which cover the tea plants several weeks before they are harvested.
The lack of light stimulates the development of an umami taste, and a particularly smooth texture.

Special qualities

  • Origin:
  • Son La, Viêtnam
  • Tea colour:
  • green tea

Suggestion of preparation

Tips from our Tea Sommeliers : Discover the traditional preparation method

The traditional preparation method takes inspiration from a ceremony known as Senchado. This ritual is part of the "way of tea" (Chado), along with the Cha No Yu ceremony. The difference between the two ceremonies lies in the tea used: Cha No Yu is a ceremony centred around Matcha, while Senchado is focussed on loose leaf teas (Gyokuro, Kabuse, Sencha).

The traditional technique based on Senchado may be practised in two different ways:
- either using a Shiboridashi: a utensil which shares similarities with a Hohin and resembles the Chinese lidded bowl known as a Gaiwan;
- or using a Kyusu: the traditional Japanese teapot.

How to prepare Kabuse Cha using a Shiboridashi

- Drop 15 grams of tea directly into the Shiboridashi.
- Add 15 cl of water at 60°C, taking care to pour it delicately against the sides of the utensil not to burn the leaves.
- 1st infusion: 1 minute;
- 2nd infusion: drain instantly, just after adding water;
- 3rd infusion (and following infusions): 30 seconds, gradually increasing the temperature of the water.
- For each infusion, it is important to add the liqueur to the last drop so that the brewing does not continue.
- The last drop is always reserved for the guest of honor!

How to prepare Kabuse Cha using a Kyusu

- Prepare the accessories: 1 Kyusu, 3 cups, tea leaves and tea measure.
- Heat the water in a kettle to just below boiling point.
- Place the tea leaves in the pot (10g).
- Fill with 1 cup of hot water.
- Cool the water by transferring it from cup to cup using the remaining empty cup. Each time, the water temperature is lowered by around 10°C. This ensures the water is at thecorrect temperature (about 60°C for Kabuse Cha Midori).
- Pour the contents of the cups over the leaves once the water is at the right temperature.
- Leave to infuse.
- Pour the contents of the Kyusu into the 3 cups.
- Repeat the process, reducing the infusion time by a third each time.

How to prepare Kabuse Cha as an iced tea

It is also possible to prepare an iced tea by replacing the water with ice cubes. The infusion is finished when the ice cubes have completely melted; thus you collect a concentrated and intense liquor, rare as dewdrops.

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