Kettle Teapot Fujian 0,8L

Adjustable temperature, keep-warm function
Adjustable kettle teapot with three preparation settings to get the the ideal temperature for three types of tea
0.8 L
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  • Height 22.5

  • Capacity 0.8 L

  • Width 20.5

  • Length 20.5


A kettle teapot in a reduced format to always have a successfully brewed tea!

This practical and stylish kettle teapot makes it easy to brew your tea. Its format reconciles the preparation of small tea volumes and space saving!

It features four elements :
- schott DURANR glass jug
- stainless steel basket dish and a stainless steel anti-sediment filter
- a base in satin-finish stainless steel with backlit controls

The kettle Teapot Fujian 0,8L Riviera & Bar is an upmarket and quality product suitable for an optimal brewing of the tea. It owns three settings with preset temperatures and infusion time for the green tea, the black tea, oolong.

The kettle teapot is also adjustable thanks to 3 temperature stages: 75°, 85° et 95°C.

Quick and intuitive, the kettle Teapot Fujian 0,8L has a boiling mode at 100°C and has four programmed settings in teapot and kettle modes.

Other features:

- luminous display to indicate the progression of the infusion cycle and heating maintenance
- audible and visual signal to indicate each stage.
- display to indicate the progression of the heating
- 30 minutes “hold temperature” feature that can be reactivated.
- automatic temperature hold when the tea basket is in place

Technical data:

- power: 730-870 W.
- voltage : 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
- weight : 1.35 kg
- capacity: 800 mL teapot mode/ 1000 mL kettle mode
- BPA-free
- complies with EC standards- Two-year warranty (parts and labour)
- model: BTH440 Fujian Théière
- dimensions : L205 x H225 x P205 mm
- customers benefit from all Riviera & Bar warranty services and could contact any approved servicecenter for assistance.

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