Le Guide De Dégustation De L’Amateur De Thé

Published by Les Editions du Chêne, 248 pages
New 2018 edition, french version, paperback

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Here is the new 2018 edition of the essential guide for anyone interested in tea.

This best-selling book on tea will quickly become your essential reference on tea tasting!

This book contains a new chapter on South Korea, with an introduction to one of the 50 best teas in the world: Jukro.

Having spent nearly 20 years scouring plantations in search of the rarest teas, the creators of Le Palais des Thés are unveiling the innumerable secrets learned over the course of their travels. An impressive source of information, wonderfully clear and educational, this guide takes you on a journey to the tea gardens to meet those who dedicate their talents, with passion and patience, to the pleasure of tea enthusiasts throughout the world. Every year, François-Xavier Delmas and Mathias Minet use their expertise to judge thousands of teas. Here, they reveal the keys to the art of tea tasting with essential tips forpreparing infusions and a selection of teas that they rate as the world’s finest.

A superb book featuring French text, 210 photographs and illustrations, praised by its readers:

“This is much more than a tasting guide, it’s almost a treatise.”

“A very good book with magnificent photos, it is comprehensive and of great interest to those who want to discover the world of tea.”

“I’d like to praise this book which, to my knowledge, is the first to cover tasting with such clarity and in such an educational style."

“An excellent read that is also a guide to self-improvement for anyone wanting to become well informed on tea.”

Published by Les Editions du Chêne, 248 pages / Format: 16 cm x 28 cm
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