Grands Crus



Mister Chen Rou Gui

Oolong from China
A Grand Cru with toasted, woody and fruity notes.
€33.50 €67.00 / 100g

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  • Infusion Time 5'

  • Quantity 6g / 30cl

  • Temperature of infusion 90°C - 195°F

  • Time of the day All day long


This oolong is made in Fujian province. It is part of the renowned Yancha tea family, otherwise known as “Rock Tea”, as the tea plants grow along the rocky mountain ranges of Wuyi Shan. The cultivar used is the Rou Gui, which means "cinnamon".

The traditional production methods of rock tea are passed down from one generation to the next. The leaves are harvested then dried in bamboo baskets to induce oxidation. This step is called Yao Qing, and it is stopped once the leaves are evenly semi-oxidised. The leaves are then rolled and dried. Finally, so that it can develop the toasted notes for which it is known, it is roasted in baskets placed above burning coals covered with ash as pure white as snow. When infused using the Gong Fu Cha technique, this Grand Cru tirelessly reveals all of its qualities.

The Choice of Francois-Xavier Delmas

Tea sommelier Expert and Founder of Palais Des Thés

A legendary tea. Here we are in the Wu Yi mountains. This wonderful Rou Gui is one of the renowned "Rock teas". An absolute must.

Special qualities

  • Origin:
  • Fujian, China
  • Tea colour:
  • Oolong, medium oxidation

Suggestion of preparation

With the tasting set: 5' minutes in water heated to 90°C.

With the Gong Fu Cha (teapot/Gaiwan): infusions during 30-40 secondes.

Grands Crus: savour the exceptional

Rare and ephemeral, teas identified as Grands Crus by Palais des Thés are the result of alchemy between a tea plant variety, its terroir and the talent of an artisan grower. Meticulously plucked, processed and sourced in the most respected tea gardens, our Grands Crus unveil unique flavours that reflect the refinement of their origins.

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