My Assortment Of Green Teas

Selection of 48 tea bags
Selection of 48 single-estate and flavoured green tea in tea bags to recharge your batteries!
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It's time to make yourself a delicious cup of green tea and recharge your batteries!

Recover your cheerful mood and take some time out with this selection box of delicately flavored green teas: pure soothing delight!

Contains eight cotton muslin bags of each of the following six teas:

  • Long Jing
  • Sencha Ariake
  • Thé du Hammam
  • Vive le thé!
  • Thé des sables
  • Thé des Vahinés

For an added environmental touch, the tea bag sachets are biodegradable.
Practical and fun, the box opens like a book! A description of each tea is provided on the inside.

Presence of allergens : Thé des Vahinés - green tea : green tea (China) (89%), rose buds (3%), vanilla flavour (3%), almond (3%), marigold petals, vanilla, flavours

48 tea bags of 2 g

What's in this box?

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    Long Jing
    Green tea from Zhejiang, China

    Breathe in the chestnut scent of this green tea, the best known and most popular in China, and imagine yourself on a stroll through the woods.

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    Sencha Ariake
    Japanese green tea

    This Japanese green tea is sweet yet invigorating, with a grassy and slightly salty flavour. A perfect gentle introduction to the joys of Sencha teas.

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    Thé du Hammam
    Flavoured green tea - Fruity & floral

    Inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe, this sweet and fruity green tea evokes green dates, orange blossoms, roses, and berries.

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    Vive le thé !
    Flavoured green tea - Citrus & spices

    This citrus bouquet, delicately flavoured with ginger, celebrates a sunny disposition and zest for life.

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    Thé des Sables
    Flavoured green tea - Fruity & floral

    Inspired by a journey to Morocco, this fruity green tea combines flavours of mango, peach, and citrus with rose petals.

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    Thé Des Vahinés - Green Tea
    Flavoured green tea - Gourmet

    Escape to exotic islands with this decadent green tea that combines vanilla, almond, and rosebuds.

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