My Tea For The Office

Selection of 48 tea bags for the office
Selection of 48 single-estate and flavoured teas in tea bags for the office
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Need to focus, shut out the bustle around you, or replenish after a long meeting? This selection is perfect to help you unwind between projects at any time of day. Take time out or share with others, this sky blue box will be a welcome addition on your desk, alongside your computer and favourite mug.

Contains eight cotton muslin bags of each of the following six teas :

  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope
  • Blue of London
  • Thé du Hammam
  • Fleur de Geisha
  • Thé des Sources
  • Thé des Alizés

For an added environmental touch, the tea bag sachets are biodegradable.
Practical and fun, the box opens like a book! A description of each tea is provided on the inside.

Hand-sewn from natural cotton, our muslin tea bags contain no staples, plastic or metal ring.

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