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N°25 miniatures gift set

An assortment of 3 Christmas teas and a Christmas infusion of the N°25 range.
A gift set to savour the best of the n°25 range
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Thé n°25 Miniatures Gift Set contains 4 irresistible miniatures of loose tea :

  • Thé noir N°25: the essential Christmas black tea – 30g – 1.1 oz.
  • Thé vert N°25: the most refreshing Christmas green tea – 30g - 1.1 oz
  • Infusion N°25: delectable Christmas herbal infusion – 45g - 1.6 oz
  • Rooibos N°25 : the most surprising Christmas creation – 40g - 1.4 oz

What's in this box?

  • Black Tea n°25
    Flavoured black tea, gourmet and spicy

    Black Tea n°25 is a beautiful black tea from Sri Lanka with notes of citrus, rose, almond and spices.

  • Green Tea n°25
    Flavoured green tea, gourmet and spicy

    Green Tea n°25 is a beautiful green tea from China with notes of citrus, rose, almond and spices.

  • lazyload
    Garden n°25
    Christmas infusion made with fruits and plants

    Garden n°25 is a caffeine-free infusion made with fruit and plants, inspired by the famous recipe for n°25 Christmas tea.

  • lazyload
    Rooibos n°25
    Flavoured rooibos, gourmet and spicy

    Rooibos n°25 is a beautiful South African Rooibos with notes of citrus, rose, almond and spices.

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