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Namako teapot - 0,4 L

Teapot made from porcelain
The Namako teapot is made from porcelain.
40 cl

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  • Material Porcelain

  • Capacity 40 cl


This porcelain teapot takes its name from its Namako glaze, which literally means “sea cucumber”. This intense, shimmering blue appears as a reaction to the heat of the kiln.

With its 40 cl capacity and integrated stainless steel filter, it’s the ideal teapot for enjoying the full potential of the finest teas and infusions, for one or more cups.

Hand-crafted by Mr Mistui, each Namako teapot is unique.

The Namako teapot is available as a limited edition during the festive season, exclusively from our website. It will delight lovers of tea and Japanese craftsmanship.

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