New Vithanakande F.B.O.P.F.E.X.S

Black tea from Sri Lanka
Extremely delicate with true depth of flavour, this black tea is one of the best Sri Lankan low-grown varieties.
SafeTea™ *Inspected according to EU regulations on the plant-protection quality of food.

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  • Infusion Time 4'

  • Quantity 6g / 30cl

  • Temperature of infusion 95°C-200°F

  • Time of the day Morning


The F.B.O.P.F.E.X.S from New Vithanakande is one of the best low-grown teas in Sri Lanka. Although it represents only 1% of the garden's production, this grade's finesse and aromatic richness have impressed connoisseurs over the last few years.

We are very pleased to announce that we have found an organic equivalent to New Vithanakande: Organic Ruby Ceylan, certified by Ecocert. We will no longer be offering New Vithanakande as we have chosen to offer an even more aromatic organic alternative.

Suggestion of preparation

With the tasting set: 4 minutes in water heated to 95°C.

To prepare iced tea:

Steep 16g in 1L of water at room temperature 45min. Remove the tea leaves and refrigerate.

To prepare latte tea:

Steep 8g in a mixture of 25cl of water at 90°C and 25cl of hot milk for 5min.

Find out more about the latte preparation.

Tea and dishes message

Pairs perfectly with lamb.
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