Nishikigoï Washi Box

Tea storage canister - several sizes
Tea storage canister covered in traditional Japanese paper made from mulberry plant and decorated with koi carp.

We ship all over the world

  • Material Mulberry plant paper


The washi canisters celebrate Japanese artisanal crafts and are hand-covered with traditional mulberry paper. This paper is decorated with koi carp, called Nishikigoï in Japanese, which can be translated as “colourful fish”. They are a symbol of bravery and perseverance and hold special significance in Japanese culture.

They feature a double lid to keep tea in perfect condition. The washi canisters come in two sizes: 100g and 150g.

Boxes’ sizes:

100g = 12.4x6.5cm

150g = 15.3x7.5cm

To herald the arrival of spring 2023, our iconic washi canisters have acquired fresh new colours and patterns. Five designs make up the spring collection : Nishikigoï, Journey to Japan, Rising Sun, Hanami and Spring treasures.

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