Small Glass Teapot 250 ML

Glass teapot
An elegant small glass teapot
25 cl
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  • Height 9.50 cm

  • Material Glass

  • Capacity 25 cl


This elegant glass teapot is ideal for making tea for one person.
Its transparency allows you to see the colour of the liquor and the leaves unfurling to release all their aromatic notes. Once ready, the liquor can be poured directly into a cup: the removable filter in the spout holds back the leaves so that the tea can be enjoyed at its best.

This filter is designed to be removed for cleaning.


Use and care instructions:

This item is not designed for dishwasher or mircowave use. Avoid any sudden changes in temperature (from very cold to very hot or vice versa).

Keep this item out of reach for children under the age of 12.

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