Thé du Hammam

Flavoured green tea - Fruity & floral
Inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe, this sweet and fruity green tea evokes green dates, orange blossoms, roses, and berries.
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  • Infusion Time 3'

  • Quantity 6g / 30 cl

  • Temperature of infusion 75°C - 170°F

  • Time of the day All day long


Inspired by a Turkish recipe using green tea, Thé du Hammam is a fruity blend which evokes the fragrances used to perfume the hammam: roses, green dates, red fruit and orange flower water. Sprinkled with flower petals in the purest of eastern traditions, the tea's extraordinary fragrance features a subtle combination of Chinese green tea, celebrated for its freshness and thirst-quenching properties, and rich fruit aromas.

Suggestion of preparation

To prepare latte tea:

Steep 8g in a mixture of 25cl of water at 75°C and 25cl of hot milk for 5min.

Find out more about the latte preparation.

Tea and dishes message

The floral and fruity notes of the famous Thé du Hammam blend delicately with the smoothness of white chocolate, offering an admirably subtle balance.


Thé du Hammam granita with raspberries

Thé du Hammam granita with raspberries

4 glasses


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Tea ingredients

green tea (China) (94%), flavours (including strawberry 2%), flower petals (blue mallow, red rose, sunflower)


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Aleksandra R.   published 14/09/2021


I would recommend it.

Nina d.   published 14/09/2021



Anne G.   published 13/09/2021


On of my favourite blends

Maria K.   published 09/09/2021


Not to my taste but good

Response from Maria K. the 10/09/2021
Dear all, the products are excellent, I am happy with your teas and I will be glad to order more. Thank you

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Simona L.   published 26/08/2021


I regularly drink this tea.

Merel H.   published 22/02/2021


4 days a week I make several cups with this tea to wake me up. It has the lemonish yet floral taste I savour

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