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Our "Three specialities from Japan" selection

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Japan principally produces green tea, and has invented a range of methods for producing and shaping prized tea plant leaves. As a result there is a wide variety of highly original teas which are variations on green tea. With this selection, we are giving you the chance to discover three iconic teas from this unique Japanese tradition.
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This discovery pack contains the following:

- 100g Organic Bancha Hojicha
Bancha Hojicha is a green tea that has been roasted at a very high temperature (around 200°C) which gives it woody, roasted notes like that of coffee. This light, caffeine-free tea is very popular in Japan, and is always served in restaurants alongside raw fish with which it pairs perfectly.

- 100g Genmaicha Yama
Genmaicha is a green tea to which toasted and sometimes puffed rice is added. Today this tea is enjoyed across Japan, especially during mealtimes. the Genmaicha Yama in this selection is a blend of bancha and toasted brown rice.It develops iodised notes which pair seamlessly with the roasted and toasted notes of the rice.

- 100g Kabuse Cha midori
Some tea plants are covered with fabric in order to stimulate a reaction in the leaves. As they are deprived of light, the leaves develop an intense umami flavour which is very popular in Japan. While Gyokuro may be the most well-known "shaded" teas, Kabuse Cha ("covered tea"), with its smooth texture, is well worth a try!

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