Traditional Japanese Kyusu Teapot 0.25L

Traditional Clay Teapot
This small size makes of this teapot is ideal for serving Japan green Sencha teas.
25 cl
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  • Material Clay

  • Capacity 25 cl


This small size makes of this teapot is ideal for serving Japan green Sencha teas.

The unremovable stainless steel strainer, located in the bottom, is very practical for the retention of tea leaves.

How to use a Kyusu teapot :

  • Prepare the accessories: 1 Kyusu, 3 cups, tea leaves and tea measure
  • Heat the water in a kettle to just below boiling point
  • Place the tea leaves in the pot
  • Fill with 2 cups of hot water for a sencha or 1 cup of hot water for a Gyokuro
  • Cool the water by transferring it from cup to cup using the remaining empty cup. Each time, the water temperature is lowered by around 10°C. This ensures the water is at the correct temperature
  • Pour the contents of the cups over the leaves once the water is at the right temperature
  • Leave to infuse
  • Pour the contents of the Kyusu into the 3 cups
  • Repeat the process, reducing the infusion time by a third each time


Using a Kyusu as a classic teapot:

With the same quantity and the same infusion time. This use is ideal for preparing tea in small amounts for quality tasting and comfortable handling of the teapot.

The Japanese-style Kyusu use method:

The tea may be infused several times. When using it this way, leave to infuse for 1 minute during the first infusion, then for a few seconds for subsequent infusions (repeat this until the taste is depleted). Spring teas with highly soft, aromatic leaves may be tasted after they have been used for infusion (in a salad with soy or ponzu sauce).

Using the Kyusu to make iced tea:

It is also possible to make cold brew tea by replacing the water with ice cubes. The infusion is finished when the ice cubes have completely melted:you will obtain a concentrated, intense liqueur that is as rare as jade dew.
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