Tropical Forest Washi Box

Tea storage canister - several sizes
Ideal for storing tea, this box is covered with traditional Japanese mulberry paper and decorated with a motif representing large tangled leaves.

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To herald the arrival of spring 2022, our iconic washi canisters have acquired fresh new colours and patterns. Five designs make up the collection: Primrose Profusion, Dancing Dragonflies, Spring Harvest, Tropical Forest, and Foliage Cascade.

These washi canisters celebrate Japanese artisanal crafts and are hand-covered with traditional mulberry paper. They feature a double lid to keep tea in perfect condition.

Discover the Tropical Forest Washi Box. This contemporary design illustrates large, overlapping leaves, evoking the lush vegetation of a tropical forest.

The washi canisters come in two sizes: 100g and 150g (approximately).

Boxes’ sizes:
100g = 12,3x6,5cm
150g = 15,2x7,5cm

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