Bruits de Palais

  • Bruits de Palais n°89

    Bruits de Palais n°89

    June 2023 Focus on Colombia, beneficial plants and shadow teas
    Take a trip to the Colombian jungle, discover the beneficial plants in our infusions, discover the secrets of shadow teas... and, of course, read the latest news from Palais des Thés.
  • Bruits de Palais n°88

    Bruits de Palais n°88

    February 2023 Focus on dark teas, the finest Pu Erh teas and tea in cooking
    Demystify dark teas and discover the finest Pu Erh, learn how to use tea in cooking, follow in the footsteps of the first Indian plantations with the "tea spy".
  • Bruits de Palais n°87

    Bruits de Palais n°87

    September 2022 Focus on Nepal teas
    Through beautiful photos and inspiring stories, the new Bruits de Palais No. 87 takes us on a journey to Nepal, a mystical tea country that we discover through the astonished eyes of 6 of our staff.
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