Easter tea!

Let the tea hunt begin!

This Easter, Palais des Thés is bringing joy to gourmets by offering two unmissable recipes, one caffeinated and one caffeine-free, with delicious hints of chocolate.

One is a black tea with very strong dark chocolate notes for fans of pure, powerful flavours. The second is a flavoured Rooibos with a hint of speculoos: a gourmet blend that will soon have you addicted!

These two recipes are a surprising taste sensation!

Vive Pâques !
Black tea, intense cocoa
Intensely flavoured with cocoa

Inspired by essential Easter treats, this black tea with glints of cocoa bean from the Dominican Republic boasts powerful notes of dark chocolate. This creation showcases the intensity of cocoa and will delight chocolate lovers.

Vive Pâques ! Thé noir
Agriculture Biologique
Vive Pâques !
Rooibos, chocolate and speculoos
Perfect for those with a sweet tooth

The vanilla hints of South Africa rooibos go together perfectly with Nigerian cocoa and hot, spicy notes such as those in cinnamon, giving this creation gourmet biscuit flavours. Containing no theine, it is a moment of pure delight for gourmets both young and old.

Vive Pâques ! Rooibos
*Inspected according to EU regulations on the plant-protection quality of food.
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