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Source of peace - Organic sensorial herbal tea
An organic and relaxing blend of lavender, passionflower, valerian and chamomile.
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  • Infusion Time 5'

  • Quantity 16 g / 1L

  • Temperature of infusion 90°C - 195°F

  • Time of the day All day long, Evening


Description  :

This blend of lavender, passionflower, valerian and chamomile creates a weightless sense of calmness while you take time for yourself.

Experiment sensory experiences that activate your five senses to help you feel revitalized and full of positive energy. Enter the world of on a cloud and be guided by scanning the QR code located on the packaging :


Savor this blend of passionflower and valerian, known to promote a feeling of restful calm.


Inhale its comforting scent of lavender, citrus and vanilla.


Listen to the InnerPeace sound bath and enjoy its rippling effects.


Feel serenity spread through you by following advice inspired by holistics practices.


See its soft, peaceful colors that encourage you to relax.

The beneficial plants in this infusion

  • Organic passionflower
    Passiflora incarnata

    A plant associated with tranquillity, the passionflower is native to South America and grew in the gardens of the Aztec emperors. This climbing plant promotes rest and contributes to healthy, restorative sleep.

  • Organic valerian
    Valeriana officinalis

    A perennial plant with small, pale pink flowers, valerian is known to promote calm and relaxation. Native to Europe and temperate Asia, it aids sleep and has been used for this purpose since ancient times. Its roots are used in herbal teas.

  • Organic German chamomile
    Matricaria recutita

    Ideal for promoting relaxation, chamomile has been used for its therapeutic benefits since Greco-Roman times. Also known as German chamomile or wild chamomile, you may have seen its beautiful yellow centres surrounded by white petals along the edges of paths. It promotes relaxation and healthy sleep.

Les Sources 

A collection of sensorial herbal teas that offers a new and innovative approach to wellbeing; a holistic experience!

- A collection of four organic herbal teas that offer beneficial sensorial experiences to complement the wellbeing properties of the plants.
- These delicious blends contain special ingredients recognised for their therapeutic properties.
- A source of positive sensations that stimulate all the senses.
- Wellness experiences for mind and body that encourage people to take some time for themselves.

Discover the three other sensorial herbal teas from the collection: pure joy, in my bubble and by the sea as well as the limited-edition Source cup.

Suggestion of preparation

How to prepare this infusion hot:
Infuse 16 g in 1 L of filtered water at 90°C for 5 minutes.

How to prepare this infusion iced:
Infuse 16 g in 1 L of filtered water at room temperature for 30 minutes. When the infusion is ready, place the liquor in the fridge to cool.

Tea ingredients

rosehip seed*, apple*, chamomile* (18%), passionflower herb* (10%), lavender* (8%), valerian* (4%), natural Bourbon vanilla and orange flavouring.

*Organically grown ingredients

No added sugar, no GMO.

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