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Palais des Thés is a tea company that is open to the world and to others. It’s a place where people can learn to love tea at their own pace. We want to introduce as many people as possible to the finest teas, with kindness and generosity.
When you join our company you become part of a team. Every member of the team plays a key role in our success.
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Palais des Thés
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    Tea is a market with a future.
    Two out of three French people drink tea today compared to one in two 10 years ago!
    Global consumption has increased by more than 60% over the last 20 years.
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    A premium tea company.
    For more than 35 years, Palais des Thés stores have been welcoming and advising customers and helping them to explore and taste fine teas.
    It’s an attractive concept: within the next five years we want to double the number of our stores in France and open several franchises in other countries.
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    Teas sourced direct from producers.
    François-Xavier Delmas, founder of Palais des Thés, travels around the world for six months a year to source rare and artisanal teas.
    This is a unique approach in the world of tea.
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    A selection of more than 250 teas and infusions!
    Our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the finest teas, and to guide them with passion. From single-origin teas to flavoured teas and infusions, our teas come from around the world. We also offer a wide variety of tea-related objects, gift boxes and confectionery.
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    An ethical business.
    : In order to produce premium teas, everyone involved must be paid fairly, and the diversity of tea-making regions must be respected. We take a fair approach to our producers, with whom we have built up trusting relationships over many years. By 2026, all our teas will come from organic gardens. To achieve this goal, we are helping our farmers transition to organic methods.
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    Expert support.
    We will support you at every stage of your franchise project, from putting together your business plan to opening your store.
    We will support you towards success through regular communication and network meetings throughout the year.
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    Personalised support.
    Each new franchisee is sponsored by a store manager and supported by a regional manager throughout the process. We provide you with a range of resources to help you manage your store and team. We also provide training support: all your employees are invited to attend sessions at our Tea School and learn all about this ancient beverage.

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Each franchisee finds their own place in our company and promotes our values with their own personality. No two stores are identical but we are all united by a shared passion.

How does the process of becoming a franchisee work?

  • Step 1/9
    Want to join us? Tell us about your plans and aspirations by filling in the application form here.
  • Step 2/9
    Your application has attracted our attention! We will contact you for an initial interview to learn more about you and your plans.
  • Step 3/9
    Let's meet
    We're interested in your ideas! You’ll attend a meeting at our head office or at one of our stores so we can explore your plan in more detail.
  • Step 4/9
    Once you’ve confirmed your wish to open a franchise, we’ll invite you to spend a day in one of our stores. We’ll let you know if your application has been approved.
  • Step 5/9
    Search for premises
    We’ll offer useful advice on finding the perfect premises and make use of our in-house search system.
  • Step 6/9
    Approval of the business plan
    Once the site has been found, it's time to build your business plan!
  • Step 7/9
    Sign the contract
    Your business plan and your premises are in place, everything is ready, and we can sign the franchise contract.
  • Step 8/9
    Welcome to our network! You can embark on an induction programme of several weeks!
  • Step 9/9
    Opening soon
    Congratulations, you are now one of our Palais des Thés partners and your first store will open soon!
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