Making Tea

Filters, stainless steel infuser balls, tea measures, timers, scales, kettles...Find the essential accessories for preparing tea.

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  1. Matcha Whisk Stand
    Matcha Whisk Stand
    Essential to protect the quality of the “Chasen” Matcha whisk
  2. Electric Matcha Whisk
    Electric Matcha Whisk
    Ideal for preparing Matcha recipes quickly and easily
  3. Matcha Introduction Set
    Matcha Introduction Set
    Matcha introduction set for the traditional preparation of Matcha tea
  4. Zens Kyusu Set
    Zens Kyusu Set
    Discover the art of Japanese tea
    €70.50 €49.00
  5. Tea Spatula
    Tea Spatula
    Tea Spatula
  6. Magnetic Measuring Spoon
    Magnetic Measuring Spoon
    Magnetic clear plastic spoon
  7. Cloth Gauze Diameter 9 Cm
    Cloth Gauze Diameter 9 Cm
  8. Cloth Gauze Diameter 7Cm
    Cloth Gauze Diameter 7Cm
  9. Tea Knife
    Tea Knife
  10. Ladle Stand
    Ladle Stand
    Porcelain stand
  11. Silver Plated Tea Strainer & Drip Tray W711E
    Silver Plated Tea Strainer & Drip...
    €13.00 €9.00