Infuser Mug 40cl

Ceramic mug - 40 cl
Ceramic mug and lid with a stainless steel infuser.
40 cl

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  • Height 13.6

  • Diameter 9

  • Material Ceramic

  • Capacity 40 cl


For preparing loose-leaf teas and infusions, the Palais des Thés Infuser mug is the ideal accessory.
It is made up the following three elements:

  • a ceramic mug: with 40 cl capacity it is ideal for individual consumption
  • a ceramic lid: it keeps the liquor at the right temperature and can be used to set down the infuser
  • a stainless steel infuser: the large infuser basket is perfect for steeping teas


The infuser mug is dishwasher proof.
The stainless steel infuser is not suitable for oven or microwave use.

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