Kumo ceremonial bowl - 50 cl

Japanese ceramic bowl
Used in one of Japan's tea ceremonies, this beautifully crafted ceramic bowl is essential for preparing traditional matcha.
50 cl

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  • Material Ceramic

  • Capacity 50 cl


This black clay ceremonial bowl is finished in an ash glaze, giving it a grey colour with blue tones, reminiscent of a cloud, or kumo in Japanese.

Crafted by hand, its traditional circular shape is perfect for preparing and drinking matcha tea.

Used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, the tea bowl, called chawan, is an essential part of preparing matcha tea. The bowl can be used with a spatula, chashaku, to add just the right amount of matcha tea, and a whisk, chasen, to whip the tea powder in the bowl.


This bowl should not be put in the microwave or dishwasher.

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