Tea Sommeliers: meet our tea experts

Tea Sommelier
Tea Sommelier
Tea Sommeliers: meet our tea experts
At Palais des Thés, we aim to introduce our customers to the world of tea and help them find the best teas every day. Our Tea Sommeliers are at their service to meet this goal. These expert tea tasters readily share their knowledge and their passion.

Tea Sommelier: a life through tea

You've heard of wine sommeliers, but have you heard of tea sommeliers?
Thanks to the wealth of diversity tea has to offer, it requires in-depth knowledge to truly be a tasting expert. In order to support our customers to choose the best teas, Palais des Thés has created the internal "Tea Sommelier" diploma. This exam was implemented in The Tea School, and assesses the expertise of tea enthusiasts.
Our Tea Sommeliers have two main tasks:
to advise and contribute their knowledge to Palais des Thés' customers and partners.

Our Tea Sommeliers' experience

Cathy Minarro
Cathy Minarro
from the Marseille boutique
« I have been an expert seller at Palais des Thés for 10 years.
Becoming a Tea Sommelier in 2020 was the fruit of much hard work.
It was a wide-ranging commitment to Palais des Thés, my colleagues and of course with customers. My aim every day is to share advice and pass on knowledge.
I also offer a "personalised journey" for customers who are curious to learn more about tea across the world. The aim of these journeys is to teach customers something new and for them to enjoy the experience. »
« Which tea would you recommend?
Long Jing Premium, an excellent first flush! »
Désirée Picarelli
Désirée Picarelli
from the Paris-Tronchet boutique
« Part of being a Tea Sommelier is helping tea enthusiasts to discover their own tastes.
I am of course passionate about tea, but what drives me is my interactions with others: telling customers about the history of tea, helping them try out new pairings and especially continuing to learn more. Whether that is discovering new Crus or just talking for hours with a mug in hand. »
« Which tea would you recommend?
Margaret’s Hope DJ15 Moonlight, a Darjeeling first flush that I like to infuse cold to get the most out of its excellent floral notes. »
Camille Lelaurin
Camille Lelaurin
from the Lyon boutique
« This certificate is an acknowledgement of our expertise. I love how diverse tea is. There's a tea for every time of day, every mood, every emotion.
I now hope to further develop my expertise – the world of tea is wide-ranging and constantly changing – and to share my advice and training with more people.
This field can seem intimidating at first. I enjoy explaining it to people and supporting curious novices as they learn more just as much as I love introducing the most seasoned enthusiasts to new discoveries as part of enriching discussions. »
« Which tea would you recommend?
The Organic Hong Cha Mao, a beautiful Chinese black tea. »
Paul Roudez
Paul Roudez
The Tea School trainer, based in Paris
As a trainer and Tea Sommelier within The Tea School, my role is twofold. Firstly, as part of offering internal training, I strive to offer concise and diverse educational material to my colleagues. At the same time, as part of external training, I have the pleasure of hosting enthusiastic individuals for whom tea is more than just a drink.
I do my utmost to ensure these sessions are as effective as possible: they have to involve curiosity to learn about soil types and production methods, an understanding of preparation and tasting logistics and of course sharing tea together is also a part of it. »
« Which tea would you recommend?
The Bi Luo Chun Pre-Qinming, a rich and stylish green tea which encapsulates everything I love about tea. »
Grands CrusGrands Crus
Every week, Palais des Thés carefully chooses new tea harvests from the finest tea gardens.
Find out about our latest Grands Crus arrivals and ask for advice from our Tea Sommeliers in store!
Our suggestions
  1. Grand cru
    Bi Luo Chun Pre-Qingming - Palais des Thés
    Bi Luo Chun Pre-Qingming
    2021 New season China’s green tea
    A smooth and sweet Grand Cru with boasts powerful floral notes.
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