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Organic Dragon’s Ba Bao Cha

Gourmet and floral flavoured blend of oolong and green tea.
A traditional Chinese flavoured blend created to celebrate the Year of the Dragon made with eight delicious, beneficial and symbolic ingredients.

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  • Infusion Time 4'

  • Quantity 8 g / 50 cl

  • Temperature of infusion 80°C - 180°F

  • Time of the day All day long


Dragon’s Ba Bao Cha

This organic blend is made from eight ingredients associated with China and its popular symbols. An opportunity to promote the dragon theme through the ingredients of a traditional beneficial blend associated with good luck. A new limited-edition blend, available loose only.

Palais des Thés’ inspiration: Ba Bao Cha

Ba Bao Cha is an ancient traditional Chinese tea blend. Ba Bao Cha means “eight treasures tea” in reference to its eight ingredients, which are usually green tea, which may be flavoured with jasmine, goji berries, raisins, dried longans, ginseng, hawthorn, sesame seeds and rock candy.

This tea is widely consumed in China for the wellbeing benefits attributed to the fruits it contains.


Organic Chinese oolong pearls
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Oolong (烏龍) means “black dragon”, as the long, roasted leaves resemble the shape of a black dragon. The dance of the dragon (舞龙) is also pronounced “oolong” (or “wulong”): the root of the ideogram is different, but when Oolong leaves are brewed in a gaiwan, they appear to dance like a dragon.

Organic Chinese jasmine green tea
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Jasmine is a symbol of beauty, tenderness and happiness.

Organic apple
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This fruit is a symbol of wisdom and peace.

Organic grape
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Grape is a symbol of wealth and fertility.

Organic orange
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Orange is closely associated with the Chinese New Year as a symbol of good luck, happiness and prosperity.

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Those red berries have the colour of good luck and happiness.

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This root is a symbol of health and longevity.

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The pink colour of the rose represents life, celebration and joy in the symbolism of flowers. This colour has the same meaning of good fortune and joy as red.

Suggestion of preparation

To prepare hot tea:

Steep 8g (0.21OZ) in 50cl of filtered water at 180°F during 4 minutes.

Tea and dishes message

Tips from our Tea Sommeliers: “A cup of Dragon’s Ba Bao Cha is perfect with cherry clafoutis. You could also pair it with spring rolls or apple crumble.”

Tea ingredients

Oolong* (China), jasmine green tea* (China), apple*, grape*, orange peel*, apple extract, goji berries* (3%), ginseng* (2%), rose petals*, natural mango, rose and lychee flavouring.

*Produce from organic farming.

Allergens : no

Aromas: yes

Added sugar: no

GMO: no

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