Gong Fu Cha

Gong Fu Cha is a technique to prepare and fully appreciate the flavours of Oolong teas.




Place a Yi Xing clay teapot and two teacups (one to smell, one to taste) onto a tea boat.

lazyload 2

Pour rustling water into the teapot and shed it into a reserve pot.

lazyload 3

Fill half of the teapot with tea leaves, pour some water to rinse them and pour the rinsing water into the reserve pot.

lazyload 4

Pour the content of the reserve pot into a teacup and empty it in the tea boat.

lazyload 5

Fill the teapot with rustling water to the brim, leave to infuse for 1 minute and pour the liquor into the reserve pot.

lazyload 6

Fill both teacups with the content of the reserve pot.

lazyload 7

Inhale the scent of tea from one teacup and drink the tea from the second one.

lazyload 8

Make several successive infusions following the same process.

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