Grands Crus



Shree Dwarika DJ 3 F.T.G.F.O.P.1

Black tea from Darjeeling, India - 2023 first flush
An atypical Grand Cru with vanilla, almond and vegetal notes.

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  • Infusion Time 3'45

  • Quantity 6 g / 30 cl

  • Temperature of infusion 85°C - 180°F

  • Time of the day All day long


Shree Dwarika is a recently founded tea garden located north of the town of Darjeeling, in which the land where the tea is grown lies at 600 to 1,200 metres above sea level. This high quality plantation was rebuilt in 2006 using the structure of the previous garden. An amazing discovery!

This powerful spring Darjeeling reveals vanilla, almond and vegetal notes, which develop against a finely astringent texture. A characterful organic tea.

Special qualities

  • Origin:
  • Darjeeling, India
  • Tea colour:
  • Black Tea

Suggestion of preparation

With the teapot or the tasting set: 3’45 minutes in water heated to 180°F.

Spring Darjeelings may sometimes develop a fine astringency. For those who are sensitive to the tannin structure of these teas, a cold infusion, or an infusion at a lower temperature (160-175°F) is recommended.

Grands Crus: savour the exceptional

Rare and ephemeral, teas identified as Grands Crus by Palais des Thés are the result of alchemy between a tea plant variety, its terroir and the talent of an artisan grower. Meticulously plucked, processed and sourced in the most respected tea gardens, our Grands Crus unveil unique flavours that reflect the refinement of their origins.

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