Store - Palais des Thés - Rue Jean Jaurès - Brest

Palais Des Thés Store Brest 29200

Tel : + 33 2 98 20 79 75 Tel : + 33 2 98 20 79 75

71 Rue Jean Jaurès, 29200 Brest

What's on now :

Votre boutique fermera à 17h le vendredi 31 décembre.


Monday 14h00 - 19h00

Tuesday 10h30 - 13h00 14

Wednesday 10h30 - 13h00 14

Thursday 10h30 - 13h00 14

Friday 10h30 - 13h00 14

Saturday 10h30 - 13h00 14

Sunday Closed

Palais Des Thés Store Brest 29200

Discover our latest Palais des Thés store in rue Jean Jaurès. Our Team will welcome you with a cup of tea, and will be glad to share their passion and expertise. Tea lovers will find a large selection with many samples available to smell and taste.


  • Advice from enthusiasts

    Our team of in-store experts are on hand to help you, whether you are new to tea or a seasoned connoisseur. They will always offer teas of the highest quality.

  • Gift selection

    Discover a wide assortment of tea-related gift ideas in our stores, from single-estate and flavoured teas to gift boxes ready to give or to personalise, suitable for all occasions.

  • A wide choice of teas

    With nearly 250 different products, our stores offer a wide choice of flavoured teas, single-estate teas, herbal infusions and an expert selection of rare and limited-availability premium teas sourced from the finest gardens around the world.

  • Explore with your senses

    An area of the store is laid out for you to let your senses guide you when choosing your favourite teas.

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