Mino Yaki cup - 28 cl

Ceramic cup made in Japan
Japanese stoneware cup
28 cl

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  • Height 9

  • Diameter 8.5

  • Material Ceramic

  • Capacity 28 cl


This beautiful ceramic cup allows you to enjoy tea in the classic Japanese style and appreciate its many flavours and aromas. It is recommended for drinking Bancha Hojicha tea.

With its curved shape and graduated colours, this cup is both traditional and elegant.
Because they are traditionally crafted, no two cups are exactly the same.


Not suitable for microwave use or dishwashers. It is best to wash the Mino Yaki cup by hand to avoid damaging the paint.


The Mino Yaki cup is made in the Mino region, in the prefecture of Gifu (around 30 km north of Nagoya). The Mino Yaki pottery has been a renowned centre of ceramics in Japan for several centuries. The history of Mino Yaki began more than 1,300 years ago. During the Hein period (794-1185), glaze made using ash, also called Shirashi, was introduced.
During the Momoyama period (1573-1603), increasing interest in the tea ceremony among the Japanese people led to growth in the production of tea accessories. Many potters moved to the Mino region due to the number of clay and fuel suppliers there. It was during this period that the Mino Yaki pottery developed. Then, in the 17th century, Mino potters had the revolutionary idea of building ceramic kilns on the region's steep mountainsides. These kilns made the region's pottery famous throughout the land.
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