Preparation tools

Discover a selection of useful accessories to prepare and drink your tea in the best conditions.

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  1. New
    Timer with 3 Infusion Times
    Timer with 3 Infusion Times
  2. Mate Calabash
    Mate Calabash
    Traditionally used in South America
  3. Electric Matcha Whisk
    Electric Matcha Whisk
    Ideal for preparing Matcha recipes quickly and easily
  4. Glass Reserve Pot - 22cl
    Glass Reserve Pot - 22cl
    Glass Reserve Pot
  5. Bamboo Tea Tongs
    Bamboo Tea Tongs
    Accessory used for the chinese Gong Fu Cha ceremony
  6. Electronic Thermometer
    Electronic Thermometer
  7. Matcha Whisk Stand
    Matcha Whisk Stand
    Essential to protect the quality of the “Chasen” Matcha whisk
  8. Tea Spatula
    Tea Spatula
    Tea Spatula
  9. Electronic Scale
    Electronic Scale
  10. Individual Tasting Set
    Individual Tasting Set
  11. Ladle Stand
    Ladle Stand
    Porcelain stand
  12. Matcha Tea Whisk
    Matcha Tea Whisk
    The essential Japanese tea ceremony utensil